Interior Specification

Meadowcroft embrace the often overlooked need for feature hallways, landings and staircases that are naturally lit via bespoke roof lanterns, creating an air of space and tranquillity.


Other features in our homes include bespoke hand made kitchens and fittedfurniture, the lavish use of marble and granite combined with high quality designer ceramics and porcelains to assure a total air of quality throughout.


Total climatic control, achieved by splitting the dwelling up into multiple zones allowing each room to be individually controlled either by localized programmable thermostats or by discrete temperature sensors allowing simple LAN/WEB control. This option also allows for holiday dates etc to be entered into any pc in the home or over the web).


Air conditioning combined with warm air to supplement the underfloor heating.

This is achieved using a combination of high efficiency latent heat pumps and a high velocity mini duct system that you would more commonly find in homes in America and Canada.


Significant thought is given to lighting where a mood lighting system controls multiple zones of lighting throughout all the reception rooms and bedrooms, resulting in the additional warmth and ambiance created by lighting scenes seeming Lesley fading between settings at a touch of a button.


An intelligent home control system can be interfaced into the security system, measure daylight levels and even rainfall, this allows for instance the opening of the external gates or sensing of movement to automatically switch on and off various lighting and sequences of lighting depending on the condition of items such as the intruder alarm system. Energy conservation is

added via the use of compact florescent lighting that matches the other down light fittings throughout the property, allowing automatic hallway and landing lighting to be controlled via movement sensor integrated into the automation system. In addition depending upon the level of rainfall the system will automatically water the garden. A holiday mode can be selected to provide additional security features.

Centralized audio and video allows all areas throughout the property to share and control features such as radio stations, DVD's and SKY, in addition the homeowner's music collection is digitally stored for easy access, even IPODS can be connected and controlled in all areas.
In addition this property enjoys 3 areas of cinema sound plus HD television is distributed to multiple areas however far away from the source equipment.

Meadowcroft Properties Ltd. Registration No: 4325365
Registered Office: 7 Station Road West, Oxted, Surrey RH8 9EE